Friday, January 20, 2012

3 Day Count Down **Birthday Girl***

Birthday Girl in the House Beauties!!!!
This is my 3 day count down to my Birthday, All I know is I want to look fabulous and upgrade my makeup because I have been slacking. Today I have Gold on my lid top lid, Brown in my crease and baby pink under my brow. I lined my bottom lash with the same gold color. And I have big beautiful curls to match my big beautiful style.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

HIP High Intensity Pigment

I purchased this product about a year ago and it came with a little small brush. I had a hard time getting the hang of drawing a steady straight line on my lid, so now a year later I decided to try again since I have been working on my makeup skills anyway. I used the same type of brush but a lot longer so that I can grip it better and I think I love this stuff now. It makes my line look like the liquid liner. It doesnt smear or fade it is genius. Below is a sample of my line.

Makeup Look For the Day

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Shoe Dazzle Collections

New Shoe Dazzle Zig Zag Collection

New Bootie Collection

New Animal Print Collection

As you can see Shoe Dazzle is on their 2012 game. They are coming out with the hottest styles for the new year to satisfy us the Shoe Freaks. If you are interested in joining Shoe Dazzle click on the link below.

January Shoes


The name of my new Shoe Dazzle shoe this month is  Bly. Its like a sparkling silver with a hint of black. I love them and I cant wait to wear them, most likely Sunday to church.  I actually have 2 pair I purchased these at the end of December because all of Shoe Dazzle Shoes were 50% off so I got 2 for the price I usually only get 1. I will be posting other pictures for you to check out the other pair when they come in. The other shoes are named Sparkle by, Perez Hilton here is a sneak peak at the shoe before it is shipped to me.

If you would like to join shoe dazzle click on the link below.

Actress Denise Richards has designed Eloise, an exclusive ShoeDazzle style. The shoe debuts on January 16th, and all profits from the sale of this ladylike, studded stiletto will benefit the Kidney Cancer Association.

I cant wait!!!!!!!!

I recieved my shoes and here is what they look like

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nails of the Week

Some Like it Haute!!!! China Glaze 3D Collection

I know I have been switching up my polish a lot but I braid hair everyday so it doesn't last very long, and I have so many new ideas and polishes to try I get a little impatient. I really like the China Glaze 3D collection because the glitter dries super fast and the quick drying top coat really makes it a lot easier. I move around my house a lot cleaning, cooking and tending to the kids so I need a polish that dries very fast so that I can move on and still be cute. This Works For Me!!!!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Different Eye Looks

I actually have a friend who is a professional makeup artist who did these first two looks for me. I like the first look is very professional looking. You can wear this out or in the office. Its not too much color but its just enough to get that Wow look.

I love my barbie look, its so playful, I think this is
 more of a day of shopping or dinner date look. I love everything barbie so this is my favorite

Of course you know I haaaaad to put in a little color. I love to play with colors, this is a costume look only but it was definitely fun to comeup with. I am an artist who is working my way into the makeup world so I will be posting more serious looks eventually.

New Year Nails

I wanted to try a new blingy look for the new year so I used
China Glaze Shocking Pink Neon
Finger Paints Frosty Night
my MASH plate and I used the cheetah print