Monday, September 10, 2012

How I curl my hair with the wand

Ladies today I wanted to share with you how I create my beautiful curls. I know a  lot of you are using the wand now or you have purchased it and dont know how to use it, well it is extremely easy, no products neccessary and your curls with last for at least 3 days and as they fall they will fall into a pretty wave. So watch my video, dont forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more to come including giveaways.

Monday, September 3, 2012



Outfit of the Day


Happy Labor Day Beauties!!!!

The Hubby and I decided to get away for the weekend so I stopped and picked up  a quick little outfit from CitiTrends.


My pants actually caused a lot of craziness in my house, my husband hated them and so did my mother in law. I don’t care, sometimes it really doesn’t matter what others think when you reeeeeeeallllly like something. People who are different are unique and that’s where your trendsetters come from.


Top: See through lace top for $7.99 from Citi Trends

Bottoms: Apple Bottom Sheer Wide Pants $19.99

Shoes: IMG_3145$19.99 at a store in Katy Mills Mall ( I don’t remember)

Makeup:IMG_3046I used my Naked Pallet not too much eye makeup. I used the Nude Color all over and Virgin under my brow. On my bottom lid I used a metallic lime green from my 180 Pallet. Nothing fancy just not too plain. LOL (Im not mad I just snapped the pic. LOL)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012




Nails of the Week


Everyone I am loving my new Nails. The design is lava inspired and this is actually my first turquoise.


My Nails of the Week

China Glaze Turned up Turquoise

Ruby Kisses White

My favorite polish as you can tell I wear it every week is the Absolute Neon Pink

My Top coat is always Mega Shine by Sally Henson

Monday, August 20, 2012


Outfit of The Day

IMG_2866Here is my OOTD, sorry I've been so busy with back to school hair appointments but its almost over and I will be back on game.

This is what I wore to church, I am nondenominational and we are allowed to wear pants, I do wear skirts and dresses but not when my weight is up. LOL


I love this top I actually purchased a few tops from this site and to say they are only $5.99 the quality is fab. Its not cheap and flimsy material, and there are a lot of styles to choose from even in the plus size.

Bottoms: Jeggings from Rainbow Fashions for $9.99

Shoes:IMG_2868 $29.99 from an old store we had in our local mall, I’ve had them for about 4 years now. I live in country so that’s actually mud on the soles (sorry)



For the first time I am going to post my makeup look for this outfit because I am experimenting with new looks and I want to broaden my makeup skills to different looks.

Future Post on my facial regime/process

Foundation: Mary Kay Medium Coverage

Contour/Highlight/Blush: Coastal Scents Pallet

Eye shadow: Urban Decay Naked1 Pallet

Eyeliner: Liquid Liner on the bottom and top lash

Lashes: Maybelline the falsies volume express flared and waterproof

Hair: (Of course I have my Brazilian Straight 16” extensions with an invisible part.)

I curled my hair with my wand and combed it out with a wide tooth comb to give it the effect of large body wave at the top and turns into a spiral curl at the bottom. My bangs are feathered backwards.Future Tutorial

Renee & Company Beauty Giveaway

Hey guys check out Renee & Company Beauty Blog Giveaway

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charlotte Russe Happy Hour Alert


IMG_2825Ladies You all have been wondering How I find my tops for 5$ well click on the link because Charlotte Russe is having another happy hour alert this time its Shoes Buy 1 get 1 for 10.50. and tops are buy 1 get 1 for 50% off. click here

IMG_2583$5 lace top blog post


IMG_2314[1]$5 see through back top. blog post


Outfit of the Outfit of the DayDay!!!!

IMG_2626My outfit for today is also casual. I have hair and lashes to do today so I wanted to be comfortable and cute.

Top: Gray   Cheetah Blouse with a layer of sheer black material. $7.75 @
Bottoms: Pink Rockstar jeans from Old Navy 39.99
Shoes: Flat sandals from Burlingtons $10
Earrings: $2 from a local boutique
Bracelet: $12

I absolutely Love my shirt and for everything to be under $10 on the site the quality of the clothing is awesome. Its not thin or cheap feeling at all. And it definitely survived the washing machine with a regular load of clothes.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Here  are my Nails of the Week

I actually seen a tutorial on Rachel G blog for the Galaxy Nails. Ive always wanted to try them and here are the results. To check out her tutorial on how to accomplish this look click on the link.

Galaxy Nails

I used;
1. Sinful Colors- Black on Black
2. Sinful Colors- Ciao Bella!
3. Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect- Sea
4. NYC- Starry Silver Glitter
5. China Glaze- Full Spectrum
6. Absolute Nail Color- Pink

Thursday, August 9, 2012


IMG_2586IMG_2583IMG_2597photo 2IMG_2604

Hi ladies today my look is casual. ( Please excuse the blurriness, this is what happens when you don’t feed the photographer breakfast)
Top: Charlotte Russe lace see through front top for $5 during a rush hour sale
Bottoms: Brown Cheetah Leggings from $9.69
Shoes: Rainbow Brown strap up wedges for $15.00
Earrings: I made them myself I tend to run out fast so stay tuned to my website for updates on new pairs available ranging from $5 to $15
Im loving this outfit me and the kids actually did a few errands my wedges are comfortable enough to walk in all day.

New Wish list

This is the first posting of ChristinaJackDesigns Wish list
Beauties there is a million reasons why a girl needs a Wish list. Today my wish list is created because I promised I would cut back on the shopping to myself. LOL Well at least until after I'm done school shopping for the kids And 2. Some things I cannot find in my size.

My first item today are these Monroe strap up booties from Shoe Dazzle. OMG this says “Hello Fall I will be styling in this new weather” Its 39.95  but I'm not going to order them just yet. These can be ordered at

photo 1

If you would like to join Shoe dazzle use me as your referral. There are no monthly fees anymore you are not charged until you are ready to purchase.

My next item are these Hott Zebra leggings I seen on Instagram from for $30 they actually do not come in my size but I am determined to find a website that does sell these in the plus size.
photo 2

Last item for today also comes from are these beautiful stud wedges. OMG I am in love with these, I can think of a hundred outfits already. But I will hold off on ordering them for at least hopefully another week just so my husband doesn’t say I always have packages at the door. LOL
photo 3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Todays Nails of the Week are inspired by a contest on Instagram by @nailedd #Nailedd_1
The theme of the nails is anything “Purple”

All Fingers on Left Hand
Wet n Wild Megablast “213C, On a Trip, En Voyage”
Thumb: Silver stripes (
Pointer: Silver Tinsel (
Middle Finger: Silver rhinestones and Silver metal beads
Pinky: Finger Paints “Frosty Nights”
All Fingers on Right Hand
Wet n Wild Megablast “213C, On a Trip, En Voyage”
Thumb: LA Color Art Pen Silver/ LA Color Art Pen Black
Pointer Finger: China Glaze “Full Spectrum”
Middle Finger: China Glaze “Full Spectrum” / Cheetah Print with LA Colors Nail Art Pen in White and Black
Ring Finger: China Glaze “Full Spectrum”/ Stitch Design with LA Colors Nail Art Pen in Black and Silver

Organization #1

This is my first post for Organization DIY style. I know you ladies are just like me and you have beaucoux amounts of Makeup, Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Polish, etc… Well here is my first post (Jewelry Edition)

I recently purchased a jewelry rack from It is a life saver with millions of holes and hooks and racks. It cost 79.99 regularly I think the sale is for 59.99 and I had a 20% off coupon so I got it for $48.00 a little pricey but definitely worth it. You can mount it on the wall or on a door hook all included in the package.
Previously I had a jewelry box that sat on top of my vanity and I had to use one of my vanity drawers for all of my jewelry. This rack really saves me a lot of space and I have an extra drawer for makeup. It is a lifesaver I don’t have to worry about knocking the jewelry box over or I cant find the match to my earrings because everything is organized all in one rather big rack.

photo 3 (2)photo 5Here is my personal Rack, Sorry for the blurriness

photo 1 (4)photo 2 (4)Here is someone else rack I found on Google, this thing can hold a bunch of stuff. 

Thankyou for tuning in to my first Organization Post, check back for more…

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Husband/ Boyfriend Tag

Okay there is a Husband/boyfriend post going around and I was so excited to participate. My husband works so hard he comes home and passes out so I always have to wake him up at least once to get on his nerves. LOL And today I woke him up and asked him a few questions for my posting. Here goes;

1. She’s sitting in front of the T.V. what is on the screen?
A scary movie
I do love scary movies but I watch more reality TV than they come out with scary movies. I have seen them all though. So I give him this one.
2. Your out to eat, what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
You don’t eat salad
He’s right, I only eat salad when I feel extreeeemely fat
3. What's one food she doesn’t like?
You eat everything
NO I don't , I hate pigs feet. LOL I think he's saying I'm greedy.
4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order?
Anything fruity
Correct, I literally tell the waiter/bartender, “Give me something fruity”
5. What size shoe does she wear?
I don’t know
“9” I really wouldn’t expect him to know considering he just hands me the money to shop.

6. If she was collecting anything, what would it be
Rotfl, I wasn’t expecting him to say that but it’s a good answer. I though he would say weave or hair
7. What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Anything with meat on it.
Yes, I love meat
8. What would she eat everyday if she could?
9. What's her favorite cereal?
I don’t know
Me neither, I change it up a lot
10. What's her favorite sport?
I hate sports
11. What's her eye color?
They change with the day
He’s right they’ve always changed colors and now my daughters do the same thing.
12. Who's her best friend?
Katie Lee
This is my sister in law but hey she will work.
13. What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?
LOL No I wish he wouldn’t fish so much or smoke cigarettes
14. What's her heritage/ where is she from?
I don’t know
Really??? I don’t know either honestly
15. You bake her a cake for her B Day, what kind of cake would it be?
He's right he would bake me a chocolate cake so HE could eat it, even though I prefer strawberry.
16. Did she play any sports?
I hate sports
17. What could she spend hours doing?
Watching TV
This is actually a reality check answer for me because I do catch myself losing time after watching TV all day.
18. What is one unique talent she has?
Doing Hair
I love doing hair I'm glad he supports me.
Now Get out of here and cut the light off. LOL!!!!

This was fun ladies so if any of you decide to do the same leave me a link below so I can check it out and laugh at your significant other as much as I laughed at mine.

Out W/the Old vs. In W/the NEW!!! (Body Jewelry Edition)

Out W/the Old ~ In W/the NEW!!!! 
(Body Jewelry Edition)

Hi Beauties, I really just want to acknowledge the fact that the world of fashion and Body Jewelry is changing dramatically. I love the piercings and everything but now~days people are saying Out with the Body Piercings and In with the Dramatic Body Chains. Look at my view and notes on some of the new accessories we have to jazz up out outfits.

I absolutely love this Pony-Chain it would add an elegant look to any plain outfit
The eyebrow ring, I’ve never really been a fan of it but it is actually cute on some people.

imagesCA8H86PZVS. imagesCAK8F8WU
Im  loving the new head pieces they also add a bit of elegance to any outfit especially the BOHO look
I  tried getting a tongue ring and took it out the next day, couldn’t take the pain and I couldn’t eat. I think this is the most judged piercing that is visible.

Once again another piece that will make a shirt or dress look like a million$ I love it cant wait to get my hands on one
I  have one but I wear it very small to imitate a mole or just something cute, not too big

This Body chain turns this plain dress into a vintage bombshell.
This belly ring is cute in a bikini but what will it do for an evening dress

I would love this thigh chain in the winter time with my calve high boots. It says “peek a boo” but this is as far as your gonna get. LOL
The things we don’t speak of that are pierced. They need no comment

Like I said I love some of the body piercings but I think the new Body Jewelry Chains might knock them out of the park.