Monday, August 6, 2012

Out W/the Old vs. In W/the NEW!!! (Body Jewelry Edition)

Out W/the Old ~ In W/the NEW!!!! 
(Body Jewelry Edition)

Hi Beauties, I really just want to acknowledge the fact that the world of fashion and Body Jewelry is changing dramatically. I love the piercings and everything but now~days people are saying Out with the Body Piercings and In with the Dramatic Body Chains. Look at my view and notes on some of the new accessories we have to jazz up out outfits.

I absolutely love this Pony-Chain it would add an elegant look to any plain outfit
The eyebrow ring, I’ve never really been a fan of it but it is actually cute on some people.

imagesCA8H86PZVS. imagesCAK8F8WU
Im  loving the new head pieces they also add a bit of elegance to any outfit especially the BOHO look
I  tried getting a tongue ring and took it out the next day, couldn’t take the pain and I couldn’t eat. I think this is the most judged piercing that is visible.

Once again another piece that will make a shirt or dress look like a million$ I love it cant wait to get my hands on one
I  have one but I wear it very small to imitate a mole or just something cute, not too big

This Body chain turns this plain dress into a vintage bombshell.
This belly ring is cute in a bikini but what will it do for an evening dress

I would love this thigh chain in the winter time with my calve high boots. It says “peek a boo” but this is as far as your gonna get. LOL
The things we don’t speak of that are pierced. They need no comment

Like I said I love some of the body piercings but I think the new Body Jewelry Chains might knock them out of the park.


  1. The jewelry is gorgeous and so creative! Do you know where you can buy them?
    Makeup by Rachel

  2. I buy my jewelry from
    Click on jewelry then body chains the price ranges from 5.99 to like 20$