Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kim K inspired Head Pieces

My HeadPiece Experiment

Hi Beauties in my opinion my accessories are the key ingredients to my outfit. So for my cousins B Day gift I wanted to surprise her and make her my perfect little experiment to make head jewelry on.

  So after doing her hair one day I secretly measured her head by taking a piece of string measuring all the way around her head and they tying a knot. Then I measured her head from front to back then tyed a knot. I went to my local craft store Michaels and purchased a measuring tape for $1.00 and I purchased chain for $3.99 and braided material for $1.99. The head pieces came out very pretty on my manican(please excuse her bad hair dayLOL.)


  1. Hi Christina,

    You had posted on my blog but you forgot to leave your blog behind! But I found you through google and subbed to this site.

    I love this headpiece! I think every girl with long hair should have one! <3

    xo- Tina (aka Gi Lee)

    1. Thanks Gi Lee Your Shinion really reminds me of the head pieces, it accessorizes the face just the same.