Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Shoes


The name of my new Shoe Dazzle shoe this month is  Bly. Its like a sparkling silver with a hint of black. I love them and I cant wait to wear them, most likely Sunday to church.  I actually have 2 pair I purchased these at the end of December because all of Shoe Dazzle Shoes were 50% off so I got 2 for the price I usually only get 1. I will be posting other pictures for you to check out the other pair when they come in. The other shoes are named Sparkle by, Perez Hilton here is a sneak peak at the shoe before it is shipped to me.

If you would like to join shoe dazzle click on the link below.

Actress Denise Richards has designed Eloise, an exclusive ShoeDazzle style. The shoe debuts on January 16th, and all profits from the sale of this ladylike, studded stiletto will benefit the Kidney Cancer Association.

I cant wait!!!!!!!!

I recieved my shoes and here is what they look like

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