Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Curls Unleashed by,Organic Root Stimulator

I decided to do a review on Curls Uleashed by Organic Root Stimularo, one of the products I've been wanting to try for a while now. While at the Mr.Chew Multicultural Hair Affair I received 5 samples of the products in a line of 7.

My 4 year old is the perfect model for this line, she has never had any processing or chemicals on her hair. This line is to suit the natural hair beauties with curly, wavy, kinky or coily hair types.

3.leave in conditioner

2.Moisturizing conditioner
1.Sulfer free shampoo
4.wet after leave in conditioner
5.Curl definition while wet
6.After 15 min under dryer (very shiny)
9.Curl definition after applying Curl
Boosting Jelly which made
her curls come out very pretty

7.Curl definition after dry
8. Curl definition after applying
 Curl Creme

The 5 products I used consist of the ;
1.)Sulfur free shampoo
It's formulated to leave the hair clean, moisturized, and tangle free

2.)Moisturizing conditioner
It's great for moisturizing,cowashing, set angling and setting the curls for styling

3.)Leave in conditioner
It has vitamin e, moisturizing Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. It's great for softening and defining the curls as well as set angling and conditioning

4.)Curl creme
This helps shine, define and moisturize the curl without shrinkage or flaking.

5.)Curl Boosting Jelly
This is made with aloe Vera, wheat protein and vitamin b to give gorgeous crunch less looking curls, providing an all day hold without frizz.
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