Monday, September 3, 2012



Outfit of the Day


Happy Labor Day Beauties!!!!

The Hubby and I decided to get away for the weekend so I stopped and picked up  a quick little outfit from CitiTrends.


My pants actually caused a lot of craziness in my house, my husband hated them and so did my mother in law. I don’t care, sometimes it really doesn’t matter what others think when you reeeeeeeallllly like something. People who are different are unique and that’s where your trendsetters come from.


Top: See through lace top for $7.99 from Citi Trends

Bottoms: Apple Bottom Sheer Wide Pants $19.99

Shoes: IMG_3145$19.99 at a store in Katy Mills Mall ( I don’t remember)

Makeup:IMG_3046I used my Naked Pallet not too much eye makeup. I used the Nude Color all over and Virgin under my brow. On my bottom lid I used a metallic lime green from my 180 Pallet. Nothing fancy just not too plain. LOL (Im not mad I just snapped the pic. LOL)


  1. Love the apply bottom pants! x

  2. YEAH! It don't matter what they thought, you worked it out!!

    1. thanks i think sometimes its better to go with your gut. LOL