Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shoe Dazzle

**Shoe Dazzle**

These are the shoes I've purchased so far from Shoe Dazzle. I love this site, its specifically for you and your taste. They ask you a few questions and based on your style they will set up a show room just for you. On top of that they send you Dazzle Deals everyday for special deals. Shoe Dazzle is 39.95 a month, but dont worry, they send you your new shoe room every month on the 1st if you do not like your shoe room you can choose to skip a month and they will not charge you.Or you can save up your points and use them the next month. Sometimes I go and let the 39.95 add up a few months and buy about 6 pair in one month. They also have jewelry and handbags available but I'm more of a shoe freak and I sell purses in my store so I really focus on their shoes.
Click on the link above to join Shoe Dazzle.com

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