Friday, December 9, 2011

Business People
For all of you business beauties: Square is a free app inside of the android market that allows you to accept credit card payments right on your phone. You download the app onto your phone and immediately you will be able to accept credit card payments by typing the customers credit card info into your app. Within 5 to 7 business days they will send you a little square white device that connects into your headphone port of your phone that you will actually be able to slide the card through. Now each purchase you swipe Square will charge you 2.75% which is a lot cheaper that getting an actual credit card machine. It is not reported when it comes to like taxes and stuff so its 100% safe. You link your banking account onto the app and the funds are deposited that same night. How Awesome is this. I carry mine around in my purse just in case and I haven't had any issues. Ive been using this app for 6 months now. Below is a picture of mine.

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